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SPEC employs an experienced team of engineers from diverse engineering backgrounds.  Utilizing the latest engineering and drafting software, SPEC can supply customized solutions to clients.  The presence of in-house engineering capabilities allows for the supply of optimized solutions while ensuring that all engineering designs meet international safety regulations. 


SPEC has established a strong global network of vendors.  This strong rel+ationship with vendors allows SPEC to provide quality products with expedited delivery times.  Additionally, SPEC’s technical procurement staff makes sure the items ordered match the required technical specifications.  

SPEC owns and operates ASME and ISO certified fabrication facilities around the world.  With a highly skilled work force and a large array of fabrication equipment, SPEC is able supply standard and customized equipment.  SPEC’s in-house fabrication capabilities allow us to control the quality and delivery schedules ensuring our products meet the clients expectations.   

From Africa to the Middle East to Asia, SPEC has successful experience commissioning the equipment it manufactures.  SPEC’s willingness to operate in harsh and remote locations separates it from the competition.  With its commissioning services, clients truly get turnkey solutions.

Lump Sum EPCC
Apart from supply of process packages, SPEC also executes Lump Sum Turnkey (LSTK) projects on an EPCC basis.  SPEC’s added advantage of operating fabrication facilities enhances the quality of the end product and delivery time periods. Additionally, clients only need to coordinate with a single company for any technical issues which allows for resolution of issues in an expediter manner. SPEC’s experience in commissioning and operations is incorporated in the designs of our facilities allowing for easier commissioning, easier operability, and maintenance and less operation downtime. SPEC’s experience in the complete lifecycle of the design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and operations sets it apart as an EPCC contractor.

After Sales Support
Once the project is completed and handed over, SPEC continues to support our clients with after sales technical support and spare parts supply.  Please contact one of our offices for your support needs.


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